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Find electricity providers in NSW with lower prices

If you would like to save time and money, use our free service to compare electricity providers in NSW , to see if any are cheaper than your current electricity provider*.

*Compare & Connect does not compare all electricity and gas providers or plans NSW (or any market) . The availability of plans are subject to change from time to time. Not all plans that are made available from Compare & Connect providers are compared by Compare & Connect due to eligibility, area, commercial arrangements or availability. Not all electricity and gas plans compared by Compare & Connect will be available to all customers as some electricity and gas special offers and plans are only available from Compare & Connect’s website or contact centre. The electricity and gas plans available are only for properties that are located in eligible . For additional information on the special offers that are available NSW (or any market) through Compare & Connect's contact centre, please get in contact with our customer service team.

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Electricity and Gas Providers Compared in NSW

Each energy provider in NSW only supplies energy to some regions, therefore , the number of electricity providers that our electricity comparison service compares for you will vary depending on the location of your premises .

Compare Electricity and Gas Plans with Us

Compare & Connect partners with some of Australia’s leading electricity providers so you can compare electricity deals that are available in NSW in one convenient place. We're proud of being one of Australia's premier platforms for for utility and energy comparison and connection.

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    Despite having close corporate relationships with almost all of Australia's top electricity providers, we are impartial when presenting you with information, and have no allegiances to any single provider.
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    At Compare & Connect we are proud members of the Energy Comparator Code of Conduct (ECCC). Our voluntary decision to join this code of conduct demonstrates our dedication to fairness and accuracy when presenting information to you.
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    Our quality comparison and connection service is completely free to use! No costs and no catch. We don't mark up the prices on any plans we offer. Instead, we receive a commission from our electricity provider partners, at no extra cost to you.
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    Our business began in Australia and we continue to be based here, providing expert advice to help all consumers in NSW save on electricity bills.
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    Our team of experts knows the NSW energy market back to front. So, you can rest assured that you've come to the right place to find the Energy plans and prices suited for your household’s needs.

Phone Comparison Available

To compare electricity providers , you can either click the button below, or if you prefer to speak with one of our Australian-based Energy experts, you can call 1300 685 001

Changing Providers is Easy

Are you concerned that changing electricity providers is going to be a hassle. It's definitely not! It's really simple because we do it all for you! We'll contact your current electricity provider and tell them you are leaving, and we sign you up with your new provider, so your transition is as smooth and seamless as can be .

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Save Money by Comparing Providers

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    We have helped many families in NSW save money with cheap electricity, now it's your turn.
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    10 minutes of your time may well save you hundreds of dollars each year. .
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    It's time to compare electricity and gas providers and start saving on your energy
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    Our electricity industry experts have done the complicated work of collecting and comparing each providers plans .

List of our active electricity providers in NSW

Our vision is to have all energy providers in one place, so our customers have many options to choose from. So far, we have successfully established relationships with following providers in NSW : Please note that some energy providers are available via our website interface and some are available by giving us a phone call.

providers Name Available via Website Available via Call Centre
1st Energy Yes Yes
ActewAGL Yes Yes
AGL Yes Yes
Alinta Energy Yes Yes
Blu NRG No Yes
Dodo Power and Gas Yes Yes
EnergyAustralia Yes Yes
Lumo Energy Yes Yes
Momentum Energy Yes Yes
Nectr No Yes
Origin Yes Yes
OVO Energy Yes Yes
Powershop Yes Yes
Red Energy Yes Yes
Simply Energy Yes Yes
Tango Energy Yes Yes

We are constantly striving to add more and more providers to this our list. We are extremely proud of these partnerships.

*Compare & Connect does not compare all plans in the market.

Electricity Market Deregulation and Competition in NSW

Australia's electricity market has been gradually deregulating which began in the late 1990s. The first step of deregulation was to establish a national electricity network {{citymarketintro4}} in one state to be delivered in other states.

Another stage, which occurred sooner in some states, was the breaking up of state owned electricity monopolies into several competing entities and then privatising them. In an attempt to stimulate more competition the market was split into two types of entities

  • Energy Distributors
    Distributors manage the physical delivery of electricity to the customers' premises, and they own and maintain the poles and powerlines, and don't engage directly with customers.
  • Energy Retailers Retailers have all the interactions with the customer. They sell the electricity and manage the billing.States have between 1 and 3 distributors and up to 30 retailers.

On 1 July 2014 , NSW 's energy market was completely deregulated. This meant that customers could now change to another provider who had cheaper prices.

Electricity in NSW is supplied by three distributors

  • Ausgrid
    {{statemarketausgrid1}} inner, northern and eastern metropolitan Sydney and in the Hunter region and Newcastle.
  • Essential Energy
    Essential Energy supplies electricity regional and country NSW, and also throughout southern regional QLD.
  • Endeavour Energy
    Endeavour Energy provides 2.4 million people with electricity in homes and businesses located in Sydney's Greater West, the Blue Mountains, and Southern Highlands.

Tips for using less electricity and lower your bills

Here are some easy to implement ways for reducing how much electricity you use

  • Eliminate draughts. Minimise cold air or hot air blowing in or leaving via gaps under doors or around your windows by using gap seal tape and door snakes.
  • A cheap alternative to an electric blanket is a hot water bottle.
  • Use the clothes dryer less often. Dry clothes outside or instead, use an indoor clothing rack.
  • Wear warmer clothing, instead of turning on the heater (beanie, booties, jumper, warm socks).
  • Turn your appliances off at the power socket when they're not in use.
  • Close doors to rooms that aren't in use, so you only have to heat or cool a smaller area.
  • Reduce your use of lights by making use of the available natural light. Turn the lights off when you leave the room.
  • Stop the sun over-heating rooms by closing the blinds and curtains in rooms that the hot sun shines directly into.
  • Minimise air conditioning use by opening the windows in the evening allow the cooler air in, and closing them each morning thus keeping the hot air out.

FAQ about switching electricity providers

Here are some answers to questions about what happens after you have completed the comparison process and you have made the decision that you'd like to change electricity providers.

If you change your mind it's okay, your new electricity provider allows you ten days of 'cooling-off' period, that means you have ten days during which you can cancel the process and remain with your current energy provider.
No. You won't have to do that. The actual delivery of energy to your premises, via the pipes and wires, is done by your energy distributer (not by your energy retailer). That distributor continues to supply electricity to your premises even if you change over to another energy retailer. The retailer issues your electricity bills, but they purchase the energy from the distributor and resell it to you. You can't buy electricity directly from the distributor, you must go through an energy retailer. You can be sure that your electricity supply will not be interrupted when you switch retailers, because the connection to the distributor continues to be the same.
The 'paperwork' is all processed very quickly, usually within 24 hours. However, the actual switchover will not take place until after your old provider has sent your final bill, and that can't happen until a final meter reading has been taken. So, it depends on when your next meter reading takes place. It could take as long as three months.
Compare and Connect will sign you up with the new energy provider, and we'll also tell the current provider that you're switching away from them. The transfer to your new provider won't happen straight away, because the current provider will have to do one final meter reading. and then issue you a final bill. The new provider will start charging you from the date that the meter is read. the energy distributor who feeds the energy to your house continues to be the same as before the switch.
No. Our service is free to you. Instead, we will receive a commission from the new electricity provider.